Hart and Soul Herbal is an all natural line of apothecary healing and aromatherapy products. I am 30 years an herbalist, a natural healed and cancer survivor. Last fall I was diagnosed with an invasive ductal carcinoma that I treated with copious amount of herbs and my pain and inflammation line. Oh boy, do I love to spread the good news about the value of healing body mind and soul with healthy eating and Mother Natures medicine cabinet!


To share, educate and produce all natural apothecary healing products using the fewest steps possible along the supply chain. This includes buying from local farmers and wild harvesting organic herbs for seasonal tinctures, salves and detoxes .

Natural and Sustainable

We practice certified, kosher and ethically sustainable means. Our products are unrefined all-natural vegan products composed and packaged with 100% organic materials; amber glass bottles and jars, natural-plant cellophane, tree-free banana paper.

Strict Quality Control

Today, many oils are extracted using toxic solvents and modern technology that destroy its' original value. Our products start in their rawest natural possible form, using ingredients that use gentle extraction methods to maintain their highest remedial value.

Our products are researched, developed and proven positive for their effectiveness at helping this growing list:

  • Key words: Pain and inflammation; joint discomfort, neurological and restless less, lymes, strained muscles, bruising, swollen ankles and carpal tunnel, foot discomfort, tendon pain, as well as reducing stress and tension.
  • Hydrate and heal skin diseases; skin and nail fungus, eczema and psoriasis, rosacea, bites, allergic reactions and burns; including radiation therapy.
  • Improve, regenerate, strengthen and protect the skin tissue, hair and nails. Prevent and improve scaring, dark circles, wrinkles, age spots and sun burn.

~ I believe that I should leave this place better than I found it...
~ Operating a sustainable business is the responsible thing to do...
~ I believe in God... greater is the one living inside of me... the cross already won the war...
~ It will be okay in the end... if its not okay... its not the end...
~ I believe in paying it forward...
~ and a smile is contagious.

God Bless you,
Vanessa Hart