Dew of the Sea
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Dew of the Sea

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A heaven-sent detoxifying synergy of essentials oils to help with mental and physical clarity. Rosemary, referred to as Rose of Mary and Dew of the Sea, has biblical ties protecting Mary and baby Jesus from evils along their journey. Rosemary is also burnt to form the ashes used on Ash Wednesday. Rosemarys' invigorating, refreshing and stimulating blend improves memory and mental strength. It promotes new hair growth while calming the nerves. Hydrates and regenerates collagen with antioxidants to promote new skin cells and boost hair and nerve growth. Helps respiratory and circulatory system, helps with pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. Adding the oil to your warm saltwater-bathe will help draw toxins from the skin. Toxins including pollution and metals!
Uses: Give yourself 5 minutes. Place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub together and cup your hands over you nose and slowly breathe in.

Ingredients: Rosemary and Lime Essential oils.